Building betters cars through data

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The advent of big data is affecting Ford Motor Co. in some significant ways, from how it analyzes its supply chain to the features it puts into its cars.

When most people think about how cars are built, they probably think about assembly lines, manufacturing robots, and batteries of safety and performance simulations on massive supercomputers. But at Ford, big data is having a significant impact on the parts and features of those cars before they’re ever part of a design file. From the cars in stock at the dealership to the performance of the engine in a rainstorm, big data is infiltrating nearly every aspect of the Ford experience and the company itself.
Obviously, data is nothing new to the automotive industry — companies have been trying to optimize supply chains and analyze sales numbers for decades — but the advent of big data, as well as related technlogies such as sensors and smartphones, is changing how companies are thinking about data. Ford isn’t alone in its quest to take advantage of these new technologies, either. For example, General Motors ... read the article
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100 ans d'innovations publicitaires

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Les SSII changent de nom et se renomment ESN

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Paris, le 11 avril 2013 - Syntec Numérique officialise le changement de nom SSII en ESN (Entreprise de Services du Numérique). 

Le numérique a conquis progressivement des pans entiers de la vie économique, et les entreprises de services associées ont profondément modifié leurs structures, leurs business models. Il devenait ainsi nécessaire de matérialiser cette évolution, et de prendre en compte les activités nouvelles des sociétés présentes dans le domaine des services du numérique. 

« La transformation des métiers et des prestations que ces entreprises réalisent pour leurs clients privés ou publics, sur l’ensemble des applications et des infrastructures numériques, depuis la conception jusqu’à l’exploitation, devait davantage être prise en compte par une dénomination plus appropriée» commente Christian Nibourel, Président du Collège ESN et Administrateur de Pasc@line.

The beginning of the universe, for beginners

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How did the universe begin -- and how is it expanding? CERN physicist Tom Whyntie shows how cosmologists and particle physicists explore these questions by replicating the heat, energy, and activity of the first few seconds of our universe, from right after the Big Bang.

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