Le COBOL fête ses 50 ans

Le langage informatique Cobol est né en 1959, et fête donc ses 50 bougies ! Malgré son grand âge, le COBOL est toujours très utilisé, même s'il a subi au fil des ans des remaniements nombreux touchant entre autres à son interface.
Computer Programmer

The "common business-oriented language" that has provided 59-year-old Stuart with a career through to retirement age marks its 50th birthday this year. The day to celebrate is slippery - Cobol didn't just scroll on to a terminal one day and ask the user to hit "Compile" - but 1959 is the year that the language came into being.

And Cobol is still in business. According to David Stephenson, the UK manager for the software provider Micro Focus, "some 70% to 80% of UK plc business transactions are still based on Cobol".

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