I Don’t Trust Your Data

"The true cost of bad data is unknown and unknowable"

Très intéressant article de Thomas Redman, un des experts les plus reconnus dans la qualité des données au niveau mondial.

"The most acrimonious company battles I’ve personally witnessed have involved disagreements over data—their meanings and whether they could be trusted. I’ve seem a few of these and, in the re-telling below merged them into a single story (I’ve done my best to convey the essence of each of these battles).

In the re-telling, two departments need to work out a particular issue in meeting a sales goal. They’ve not had good experiences with one another in the past, but higher-ups have demanded a joint resolution. Battle lines were drawn as each brought their numbers to meeting. But the numbers didn’t agree. As you can imagine, Department A’s numbers reinforced its viewpoint. Likewise Department B’s." Lire la suite

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